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But I didn’t understand the instructions to this maths test today. The rules are always the same except for division week. Maths sucks now and I never want to do it again. The division test is tomorrow but I still didn’t understand the rules to this maths test. As the day went on I got more scared about this maths test.  The day of the maths test arrived. As the day went on the test drew nearer I was so scared now as the maths test was straight after lunch but I didn’t understand the instructions of it.

Webinar reflection

This webinar was about safety and privacy on your technology.

When you get hacked you may get a message that will pop up on your screen and tell you to do something. 12% of children from grade three to six get hacked. Over $90,000,000 was stolen in 2017 by hacking. This webinar taught me that you should never give out personal details and don’t friend anyone you don’t know in the real world. You can protect yourself by installing a fire wall and back up your stuff on your computer.


This article was about a volcano erupting in Hawaii.

The volcano has been erupting since last Thursday. The lava temperature is around 1150Oc. Streets are getting filed with sulphur dioxide a poisonous gas.

What caused the magnitude 6.9 earthquake? When will the erupting stop?

I understand that volcanoes are very dangerous and that can cause a lot of damage.  and that can cause a lot of damage.

The link is http://www.heraldsun.com.au/

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As spider pig took the skies in his trusty old suit made out of pig web in the mystic land of google. It didn’t take long before ham the spider pig realised that google was a search bar not a world where people need saving. The world of google was frequently being used all over the world so ham the spider pig had nothing to do except sleep in the O of google and watch people type. Whenever a visitor came to google ham always had the O set up as a hotel but no one stayed he lived a sad life.


When did it arrive?’ I said to Fred when the package arrived that contained the mystery item that no one knew what it is. So they tried opening it but it wouldn’t budge so they got a crowbar and it still wouldn’t budge. They had to break out there chainsaw but it still wouldn’t open so they had to call the bomb squad to blow the hell out of it but there is a problem the crate is blast proof but bob and Fred were not so they were killed in the blast and never found out what was in the package.

The prompt is When did it arrive?’ I said


This video was about the ring of fire.

Over 90% of the world’s earthquakes happen in the ring of fire. 3 tectonic plates meet in the ring of fire. Earthquakes can cause tsunamis.

Why do tectonic plates move? Who discovered the ring of fire?

I understand that the damage earthquakes can do can be serious.

The link is http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s2709798.htm

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One night the crimson sunset and the mist together made the night really pretty except for the grave yard it was dark and misty. Fred’s grandpa had just been buried after his death. Fred turned to leave when someone or something had risen from its grave. Fred turned around franticly calling for his mum. No one answered he figured out he was all alone suddenly the thing from the grave stated coming towards him. Fred had no idea that it was a flesh eating zombie Fred stopped to catch his breath but that was a mistake because the zombie caught up to him and ate him.



This video was about Anzac day.

The 25th of April is known as Anzac day. Anzac day is where you remember people who have died in the wars. For serving in wars you can get medals.

Why do we have wars? What does ANZAC stand for?

I understand that Anzac day is an important day In Australian history

the link is http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3991546.htm

BTN term 2 week 1

This video was about Australian basketball.

In the past 27 years Australia has had 15 people in the NBA. 6 people from Australia are now playing in the NBA. Patty mills plays for the San Antonio spurs.

Witch Australian club did Andrew bogut go to? Witch Australian club did patty mills go to?

I understand that Australians are really good at basketball

the link is http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4076182.htm