This video was about the Cape Town water crises.

There is a big drought in Cape Town Africa. There only aloud 50 litres of water a day. The drought has been going on for several years now.

When will the drought end? Will they get more water soon?

I understand that droughts can be really bad and can cause big effects.

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As the rain sprinkled down outside the car we were on the golden gate bridge it was huge.

As the day went on so did the bridge then suddenly it stopped and we were driving on the beautiful

American country side where pink daffodils along the road it was the prettiest thing I had ever saw.

The pink daffodils ended and real life din soar appeared out of know where it was so scary I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Then suddenly the TREX came and it decided we were lunch and as the TREX slowly devoured us we died.

The prompt is Bridge  Sprinkled  Pink  Daffodil  Huge


This video was about natural disasters.

Sometimes when natural disasters occur it can take years to repair cities and villages. After a natural disaster there is normally not enough food and water for the whole city. When homes get wrecked in a natural disaster you will probably end up in big groups in tents.

Why do natural disasters occur? What was the most dangerous natural disaster to people?

I understand that even if natural disasters get taken off the news it doesn’t mean there over.

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Where did this thing come from I asked? The spiky thing was now directly in front of me. I had no clue where I was or what it was? The locals of whatever place I was in just didn’t seemed worried. As a local came to pick it up and take it away I asked what country I was in and he said Vietnam sir. I asked him what it was and he said it was a fruit. I asked to taste the fruit and it was so good. I was told it was a jack fruit and by far the best fruit ever.

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This text was about large cracks In Africa.

The cracks happened in valley in Kenya. Scientist believe that Africa is splitting into two. The crack was just appeared on the weekend after a month of rain.

How did the crack occur in Kenya? Will cracks occur anywhere else in the world?

I understand that things can happen all over the world that have serious effects.

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100 wc

But I didn’t understand the instructions to this maths test today. The rules are always the same except for division week. Maths sucks now and I never want to do it again. The division test is tomorrow but I still didn’t understand the rules to this maths test. As the day went on I got more scared about this maths test.  The day of the maths test arrived. As the day went on the test drew nearer I was so scared now as the maths test was straight after lunch but I didn’t understand the instructions of it.

Webinar reflection

This webinar was about safety and privacy on your technology.

When you get hacked you may get a message that will pop up on your screen and tell you to do something. 12% of children from grade three to six get hacked. Over $90,000,000 was stolen in 2017 by hacking. This webinar taught me that you should never give out personal details and don’t friend anyone you don’t know in the real world. You can protect yourself by installing a fire wall and back up your stuff on your computer.


This article was about a volcano erupting in Hawaii.

The volcano has been erupting since last Thursday. The lava temperature is around 1150Oc. Streets are getting filed with sulphur dioxide a poisonous gas.

What caused the magnitude 6.9 earthquake? When will the erupting stop?

I understand that volcanoes are very dangerous and that can cause a lot of damage.  and that can cause a lot of damage.

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As spider pig took the skies in his trusty old suit made out of pig web in the mystic land of google. It didn’t take long before ham the spider pig realised that google was a search bar not a world where people need saving. The world of google was frequently being used all over the world so ham the spider pig had nothing to do except sleep in the O of google and watch people type. Whenever a visitor came to google ham always had the O set up as a hotel but no one stayed he lived a sad life.