Australia is a country where everyone is equal. Democracy is the most common form of government.

The Greeks were the first people to use democracy. Are there any more countries under dictatorship in the world? How many countries are under complete monarchy? I understand that government is one of the most powerful systems in the world.  

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100 WC term 1 week 4

I was walking in the woods and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked around to see what was going on but all I could see was these weird men that looked like trees. So I kept going on my walk in the woods. I started hearing footsteps behind me as I was walking. I turned to look what was happening but all I could see were those weird tree men again. I got suspicious so I decided to play a little game with them. I started to walk again but then I found myself in bed it was all a dream.

reading reflection


What is the genre? How did you know? I thought the story was comedy because the author used different words that made the story funny in many different ways. The author added in different characters to make the story funny.  The main character liked to play pranks on his sister to make the story funny.

100 word challenge

I was moving very fast when a truck started coming at me. I see the red sign saying wrong way go back. I panicked as I tried to turn around, as the truck was getting closer. I tried to turn around but it was to late. The truck was just meters away from me. I put my foot on the accelerator to try and get away from the death ahead of me, when suddenly the truck veered to the left into the hill. As the truck hit a hill and rebounded off the side it hit my car and I died a sudden death.

my letter.

Hello Libby

I have lived across the road from the school my whole life. I grew up playing on the playground many years before I started prep. I learnt to ride my bike on the asphalt at the school. My family has been a part of MPPS since my sister was in prep 7 years ago.

I am 10 years old and have an older sister and a younger brother. My sister is an amazing swimmer at state level and spends a lot of time playing water polo. Her name is Lilly and just started year 7 at Rosehill secondary college. My brother is 5 years old and just started prep. His name is Logan, he is cute and adorable and he loves to talk and play a game of Uno. I have a black  and white cat called  batman who likes to visit the school a lot.

I like to play basketball and I follow the Houston Rockets in the NBA. I like to swim and play water polo. I started playing water polo because my cousin is on the Australian team and is hoping to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

My grandparents all live outside of Melbourne.  Two of my grandparents live in America which is where my dad grew up.  I have been 5 times to see my grandparents and go to Disneyland. My other grandparents live in country Victoria in a small town called Myrtleford next to Bright. I like to visit them and help on the farm.

In the holidays we went to Cape Bridgewater for a long weekend. I spent a lot of time swimming and riding my bike and I liked to race my family on my bike. On a really hot day we went ice skating to cool down.

This year at school I am looking forward to school camp in Canberra. I also can’t wait to do the school swimming sports carnival. In class I would like to be challenged in Maths.


From Josh