The day the yellow gorilla that looked like the yellow brick road from the wizard of oz. As the saying goes when there running down the mountain here they come. The pretty yellow brick gorilla I think that is its name at least. When this gorilla came to the zoo who knows where but it was the prettiest thing ever that had ever arrived at the zoo in the who knows where zoo. The zoo had no clue how to treat the pretty yellow brick gorilla because there is only one of its kind there is no other pretty yellow brick gorilla.

solar system btn

The solar system is 4 and a half billion years old.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are gas giants.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.

How did they discover all these facts about the solar system?

Is there other life in our solar system?

I understand that the solar system is a complicated place but people have been able to figure things out about the solar system.


Today is Halloween as you all know but it’s also the day where my mum made me delete my 100 word challenge and I said   why and she said because I said so? Which I really didn’t want to do but then you wouldn’t get to read this one would you. I really liked my old 100 word challenge but my mum said it was to wrong is that how I should put it the only reason why I’m writing this is 1. I was told to do it by my teacher 2. It was a good use of the prompt.

Book Review

Book review ferret boy.

Ferret boy was about a kid named josh he lived in a small country town in Australia he owned to ferrets bucks and eddy. Josh bet that he could win the annul ferret derby held in there town.

I would give this story a 1/5 star rating.


I walked up to the sink it reminded me of the time I fell off the stool and hit my eye on the sink.

I split my eye lid open it was so gross all the blood that came out of it I had to go all the way to the hospital I was at the hospital all day. They had to put me to sleep so they could glue my eyelid back together once they were done with the operation it took me 3 hours to wake up that’s why whenever I go to  the sink I’m reminded of the time I had  to go to the hospital.


The hands, what are they? There just there in the middle of the street. Really these in the middle of the street there just causing problems. Why is it holding a metal bar? The cars that smash into it it’s horrendous what it looks like. The people believe its Zeus’s hands with his lightning bolt attached but that’s all a conspiracy theory. Only the lunatics think that. Lunatics meaning someone has mental issues and has no friends. Mental  issues is when you have something wrong in your brain or as they say something wrong up top there the  people who built the sculpture.



Finally, car shopping, my favourite. But what colour should it be? Should it be red or should it be black or should it be yellow or should it be orange or should it be pink or should it be purple or should it be green or should it be brown or should it be grey. But what dealer should it be Mazda or should it be Toyota or should it be ford or should it be Honda or should it be Hyundai or should it be tesla or Ferrari or Lamborghini. I would defiantly choose a Ferrari what would you choose?




Up the stairs I go again for the tenth time today. Then finally the river appeared not any old river a pink river which would cook you as soon as you step into it. I was about to step into the river but how was I supposed to not die?  The people were telling me that the science would save me but how? The sweat was beading down my face I was so nervous. The heat was radiating off my face the crowd was watching by the hundreds. I don’t know why people were watching a life or death moment.


Bang the punch was thrown to Jake’s face but why would I do that? The guy’s name was Jake but he was a total idiot I just did it. I don’t know what into my head it was just a snap and bang the punch was thrown. The principal came mate expulsion for sure that’s what I said to myself. This is the worst day of my ever. This is me the trouble maker the snap then the bang. What the day was like I say the worst but people say the best I don’t know your choice.

The prompt is  why would I do that?


The cocktail an alcoholic drink usually served in a bar. The most common one is a mojito which is made out of lime and ice. The flame heats up the lime and alcohol then they add ice and you have a mojito. Then all of a sudden the mojito disappeared from every single bar across the world. The world went into hysterics about the mojito’s they were just gone. No one had a clue about where they went or who stole the mojito but they believe the person went by the name of the evil mojito man…

The prompt is Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock