Those dominoes just magically appeared out of nowhere, and nearly squashed an innocent poor tourist. Police quickly rushed to the scene to investigate what had happened. It’s not every day giant dominoes fall from the sky. As the police were examining the dominoes a tourist came up to the police and said “this thing nearly squashed me mate”. The police were investigating the scene and found evidence that aliens from mars wanted to kill humans to stop them from invading their planet. They thought that falling dominoes would scare the humans away but instead it just made them angrier.

2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Hi Josh!
    Amazing 100wc! Your 100wc had very creative and interesting ideas. Great thinking out of the box! It was a very action-packed and entertaining 100wc. Some feedback is: that you should improve on using descriptive words and keeping the story at an understandable pace for the reader.
    Great Job on your 100wc!

  2. Great piece Josh,
    it was interesting and well thought out. Only one tiny error that I noticed, when you use talking marks the first letter inside is a capital.
    “this thing nearly squashed me mate”. “This…..”
    overall Well done 🙂

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