As I walked through the door I saw a hat on the table. I said what is that hat doing on the table? The hat was a broad brim blue hat and had feathers sticking out of the top. It was hideous. Why on earth would my sister go out and buy that hat of all hats. That thing had to go in the bin, and be gone for good. It was my job to do that. As I approached the hat I realised my sister put an alarm system on it, so there was no way I was getting to it.

2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Hi Josh,
    This an amazing story, I like how you described the hat.
    You could work on putting talking marks on your work ‘ ” ‘
    It is amazing apart from that small error


  2. Hi Josh,
    I really like the story but I think that you could have put talking marks in the piece. I think that you also could have put have it had the alarm on it and where the hat came from. You also could have put the age of the sister, so we knew why she got the hat. But I still think that you did a great job on the piece.

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