The vinegar was so sharp it should never have been invented. It’s just like who does like salt and vinegar anything. But when you just have vinegar by itself it is very sharp. The vinegar was very acidic it makes your face crinkle up like a tin can. It tastes sour and bitter at the same time. The vinegar was disgusting it was unbearable it was bitter, salty and sour all at the same time. Salt and vinegar chips are so bad that they should never have been invented the vinegar was so sharp


yesterday I went to hollywood , venice beach and the la Brea tar pits. the tar pits are just tar pits but there filled with fossils from the ice age.

today I went to san fransisco. I went to alkatraz island witch is a old prison in san fransisco. I also saw wild seals and went on a cable cart.
Image result for la brea tar pits    La Brea tar pits
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Where did this teddy bear come from, did it come from a little kid or did it get thrown away and ended up on the streets. But how? The teddy bear was white with a red ribbon. But how did it get there? All we know there is a teddy bear that still terrorizes the streets. Till this day no one has ever dared to touch, it’s only been like ten years. Why has no one dared to touch it in ten years? It still remains on the streets today, will the teddy bear terrorize you next.

The prompt is


It was completely out of tune, the guitar sounded horrible. The strings were making sounds that sounded like something from a different universe. The sounds they were making sounded like something else. The sounds it made were like a trumpet, drums and a squeaky violin combined. You couldn’t play anything on that guitar it was completely out of tune. Finally someone decided to pick up the guitar after 12 years of it just sitting in a corner. They put it straight back down because it was completely out of tune. No one ever touched it again.