5/6 reflection

Some advice I would like to give to next year’s grade 5’s are try you’re hardest in class and do your best.

The teacher’s communication was not the best this year with different types of students in the year. The teaching style is very different between the 3 teachers maybe that could change. Naplan changed I don’t know what was wrong with paper but now it’s all online. We do have to do reciprocal teaching and literature circles. The teachers are kind and easy to work with they let you have a say in most things. 5/6 is a good year you should be looking forward to if you are coming to grade 5.


Slam poetry is a type of poetry.

It is like a rap.

You perform it.

Who invented it?

Why is there so many forms of poetry?

I understand that some people enjoy poetry a lot.

The link is


I was walking through the streets of Japan, tired, exhausted and hungry. My legs were sore, my body exhausted and I needed food. No one spoke English were I was walking and I was completely lost. I had also lost my friend. I had gone wondering down an alleyway off the main road, leaving my friends behind and was getting more lost by the minute. I kept on wondering until I found someone that spoke English. They pointed me to the direction of the main road and when I reached it I found my friends. They were exhausted but at least they had food.