The day the yellow gorilla that looked like the yellow brick road from the wizard of oz. As the saying goes when there running down the mountain here they come. The pretty yellow brick gorilla I think that is its name at least. When this gorilla came to the zoo who knows where but it was the prettiest thing ever that had ever arrived at the zoo in the who knows where zoo. The zoo had no clue how to treat the pretty yellow brick gorilla because there is only one of its kind there is no other pretty yellow brick gorilla.

One thought on “100wc

  1. I’m confused! But I think it’s only because I need some punctuation to help me. You have been very clever in the way you have written this – I love the way you have tied in snippets like the ‘coming down the mountain’ and the ‘Who Knows Where’ zoo.
    Check out your first sentence – it is an incomplete thought so not a sentence. Can you fix it?

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