Up the stairs I go again for the tenth time today. Then finally the river appeared not any old river a pink river which would cook you as soon as you step into it. I was about to step into the river but how was I supposed to not die?  The people were telling me that the science would save me but how? The sweat was beading down my face I was so nervous. The heat was radiating off my face the crowd was watching by the hundreds. I don’t know why people were watching a life or death moment.


Bang the punch was thrown to Jake’s face but why would I do that? The guy’s name was Jake but he was a total idiot I just did it. I don’t know what into my head it was just a snap and bang the punch was thrown. The principal came mate expulsion for sure that’s what I said to myself. This is the worst day of my ever. This is me the trouble maker the snap then the bang. What the day was like I say the worst but people say the best I don’t know your choice.

The prompt is  why would I do that?


The cocktail an alcoholic drink usually served in a bar. The most common one is a mojito which is made out of lime and ice. The flame heats up the lime and alcohol then they add ice and you have a mojito. Then all of a sudden the mojito disappeared from every single bar across the world. The world went into hysterics about the mojito’s they were just gone. No one had a clue about where they went or who stole the mojito but they believe the person went by the name of the evil mojito man…

The prompt is Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock

100 WC

The blue portal what world would it lead to I ‘don’t know. Would it be the movie world or the school world [most boring world ever?] and of course the fun world the best world ever. Why was it there? In the middle of the forest in Alaska. What would happen if I jumped in the portal? I don’t know. Why were bubbles coming out of the portal? I don’t know. As I walked towards the portal it was pulling me in like a tractor beam I don’t know what to do in this situation…