This video was about the Cape Town water crises.

There is a big drought in Cape Town Africa. There only aloud 50 litres of water a day. The drought has been going on for several years now.

When will the drought end? Will they get more water soon?

I understand that droughts can be really bad and can cause big effects.

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As the rain sprinkled down outside the car we were on the golden gate bridge it was huge.

As the day went on so did the bridge then suddenly it stopped and we were driving on the beautiful

American country side where pink daffodils along the road it was the prettiest thing I had ever saw.

The pink daffodils ended and real life din soar appeared out of know where it was so scary I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Then suddenly the TREX came and it decided we were lunch and as the TREX slowly devoured us we died.

The prompt is Bridge  Sprinkled  Pink  Daffodil  Huge