100 wc

As spider pig took the skies in his trusty old suit made out of pig web in the mystic land of google. It didn’t take long before ham the spider pig realised that google was a search bar not a world where people need saving. The world of google was frequently being used all over the world so ham the spider pig had nothing to do except sleep in the O of google and watch people type. Whenever a visitor came to google ham always had the O set up as a hotel but no one stayed he lived a sad life.

2 thoughts on “100 wc

  1. I love your extremely creative ideas here Josh – well done.
    I would like you to revisit this piece, and this time work out where to put in some commas to make it easier to read. Reread again, checking for any missing words, and finally, put in the missing capital letters. Then your piece of writing will be awesome! Libby

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