This video was about Anzac day.

The 25th of April is known as Anzac day. Anzac day is where you remember people who have died in the wars. For serving in wars you can get medals.

Why do we have wars? What does ANZAC stand for?

I understand that Anzac day is an important day In Australian history

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BTN term 2 week 1

This video was about Australian basketball.

In the past 27 years Australia has had 15 people in the NBA. 6 people from Australia are now playing in the NBA. Patty mills plays for the San Antonio spurs.

Witch Australian club did Andrew bogut go to? Witch Australian club did patty mills go to?

I understand that Australians are really good at basketball

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100 WC term 2 week 2

One day bob was walking in the woods. When he saw the giant legs of doom ahead of him he didn’t know what they were. So he got closer to them and as he got closer he realised what they were giant legs of doom. When the giant legs of doom spotted him they sprinted after him. Bob was just inches away from death when suddenly something dropped out of the trees and attacked the giant legs of doom. The giant legs of doom defeated the things that dropped from the trees and ate bob whole.