btn week 8

This video was about voting.

Women were not allowed to vote until the year 1902. The aboriginals weren’t allowed to vote until the year 1949 but only if you had served in the army. The age that you were allowed vote at used to be 21.

Would females be allowed to vote if there were no protests by the women? Which was the first state in Australia that let women vote?

I understand that voting is a big part of the Australian government.

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100wc week 8

Bob was traveling through Nepal to the Himalayas to climb the death defying Mount Everest. As he set off on his 8848m climb he started having second thoughts on his big climb. However he set off up the mountain on the dangerous icy paths. He was climbing for a long time, almost 3 days and he was only half way up. Fifteen days later he finally reached the top and it was -55 degrees and all of a sudden the gravity disappeared. He jumped in the air and found himself on the moon and died a sudden death.


 the prompt is but how did he/she get up there?…


This video was about the three levels of government.

The federal government has the most power. There are over 500 local councils. Each level of government is in charge of different things.

 What would Australia do if we didn’t have 3 levels of government? Who invented the 3 levels of government?

I understand that Australia has 3 levels of government and how they work. 

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100 wc week 7

One day many millions of years ago some giants went for a tea party. At the tea party one of the giants dropped his tea cup and never went back for it. So it still remains there where the giants had there tea party in Switzerland. Now it is recognised as a landmark of Switzerland. But many people don’t believe that it exists. Parents say it does kids say it doesn’t what would you say if you were asked this question this very day. What would say about would you say it’s fake or real I would say it’s real

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The governor general has the most power in Australia. The current governor general is Quentin Bryce. The governor general represents the queen for Australia.

 What would happen if Australia didn’t have a governor general? What are some of the events that the governor general must go to?

I understand that the governor general is one of the most important people in Australia.

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100wc week 6

The prompt is what if I were in charge

But what would I want to be in charge maybe a lolly factory or a school or the country I don’t know what would you want to do? Being in charge of a school would be fun but it would be so much work.

If you run the country, you would have so much responsibility on your shoulders it would be fun to run the country but would be hard.

Running a lolly shop would be so much fun you would get to eat all day it would be the best thing ever.


The Australian constitution is the most important legal document in Australia. You have to have referendum to change the constitution of Australia. In 1967 the Australian constitution was changed. What would happen if Australia didn’t have a constitution? What would change if the Australian constitution were to change again? I understand that the Australian constitution is the most important legal documents in Australia.  

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